In a collaboration between YZY & Gap, Mill Paris were tasked with creating a visual universe that illustrates Ye's faith as part of his Heaven and Hell music video. Ye wanted the film to be treated as a modern piece of art inspired by Gustave Doré and John Martin, and brought together a collection of international artists including multi award-winning French director Arnaud Bresson represented by Division (Laure Salgon and Jules de Chateleux).


Shooting live on the streets of Paris, our teams helped blend live footage with scenes that were built entirely in CG. The film featured figures in black hoodies with opaque masks who encircle Ye and form a hurricane that billows up to Heaven in a manifestation of Ye's lyrics "the angels return to their final abode above the clouds”.


“Heaven & Hell” is part of the acclaimed album “Donda”, with other work already being produced in the studio that will enrich the visual universe of the album. The film and the collaboration with YZY & Gap was widely shared on social media, with more than 14k comments on Ye's Instagram account and 15k on his YouTube channel. In just a few days, the video was published around the world with articles in Portuguese, Estonian, Brazilian, Russian, Japanese, French, and the American media.

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Arnaud Bresson

Full Credits

Arnaud Bresson:
Producer: Laure Salgon
DOP: Julien Poupard & Paul Guilhaume
Stylist: Rasmus Baun bartram
Editor: Nicolas Larrouquère
Color grading: Arthur Paux
Storyboard artist: Stephanie Levallois
Art Director: Charlotte Louis
Line Producer: Vincent Vève
Production coordinator: Lucie Etchegoyen & Perrine Mercier
1st AD: Hugo Lebaillie
2nd AD: PIM
3rd AD: Ernest Bouvier
Casting: Lucie Tartenson, Dourane Fail
Casting consultant: Chouf, Jasmin Nahal, Eve Jeanblanc
Production designer: Justine Ponthieux
1st Assistant: Anne Camille Allueva
2nd Art Assistant: Mathias Vives
Stylist assistant: Jenny Roche
On Jet dresser: Agathe Auriffeille, Morgan Rouchausse
1st Unit:
1st AC: Mami Maxime Gerigny
2nd AC: Lola Pion
Loader: Arthur Desnoyelles
Cam Intern: Raphael Hamel
Gaffer: David Kremer
Electric: Bertrand Artaut, Angele Laroche, Marek Berger, Felicien Forest
Electric intern: Lou Cuellier
Key grip: Alexandre Chapelard
Grip: Romain Riché, Emilien Moreau, Vincent Denis, Wilfried de Sousa
Location Manager: Vincent Decremps
Key PA: Antoine Bonneau
Office PA: Alice Wills
PA Nation: Ambre Fabri, Georges Guerguerian, Sacha Bricard, Arthur Simon, Mathis Boisson, Ondine Dalloni, Emma Charpentier, Jules Poulin, Antoine Chevron, Enzo Bandiziol, Karim M’zaidi, David Depetris, Jonathan Louis, Elisa Juszczak, Line Vandemoortele
2nd Unit:
1st AC: Tom Houguenague
2nd AC: Matthieu Abily
Gaffer: Georges Harnack
Electric: Chloe Bouhon
Key Grip: Vathana Kang
Post Production
Mikros MPC désormais The Mill:
Executive Producer: Fabrice Damolini
VFX Supervisor: Guillaume Ho Tsong Fang
VFX Producer: Benjamin Cathala
CG Supervisor: Mathias Barday
FX Lead: Vianney Durieux
Previz Unreal Artist: Alexandre Sauthier, Guillaume Poueymarie
Cloth/Fx: Pierre Carcedo
Lighting/comp: Guillaume Ho Tsong Fang, Marouan El Bekri, Richard Rampaly, Mathias Barday
Modeling/Lighting: Alexandre Corcoy
Animation: Ganaël Chevallier, Claire Auvin, Hervé Anceau
Matte Painting: Nathan Lucas, Valentin Astier
Compositing: Sebastien Podsiadlo, Eric Lemains
Compositing / VFX Coordinator: Ewan Rosenstrauch
Flame Artist: Sebastien Kremer
Flame Assistant: Mathilde Cohen-Selmon
Editing Support: Bram Van Dijk
Color Grade Assistant: Loic Lavaux
Graphic Designer: Lea Simon