“The Design Weekender has been running for two and a half years now. Along the way it’s never failed to surprise me with the variety of work that’s been submitted for each edition. This one is no exception, with the majority of the content being created in isolation whilst the global pandemic continues. A lot of the work we include in the Weekender is personal work from our artists which is often created in their own environment at home anyway, but I was interested to see how the lockdown has affected the content of the work that’s been submitted, and also how we as viewers react to it! I’m really drawn to Austin Marola’s ‘Spaces’, maybe this is because I’m tired of seeing the same wall in my son’s bedroom that’s been adopted as my ‘office’ for the last fourteen weeks, but there’s something very alluring about his blue and purple minimal room – a bit of luxurious escapism! I’m also drawn to Dom Han’s characters of iconic musicians and Freya Barnsley’s ‘Forbidden Foot’ illustration. They’re both really charming and rendered in such different styles, but they make me smile as I look forward to when we can get back to socialising and seeking out some interaction with our friends and colleagues. Whatever you get from this edition, I hope you enjoy it, and thank you again to all the artists that contributed. Enjoy.”

– Henry Foreman, Head of Design


Editor: Rauri Cantelo
Music: Cashin0