Create a visually intense and exciting a spot to promote the release of limited edition shirts from a collaboration between EA SPORTS and Adidas.


Using the full might of our design team, we turbocharged shoot footage using flash, typography, motion graphics, 3D and illustration. The viewer is sped through shots with glitches presenting images of panthers, outer space and vibrant designs.


Featuring football superstars Jesse Lingard, Marcelo, Dybala and David Alaba, this attention-grabbing spot showcased the limited edition shirts with an abundance of colour, patterns and visuals. A modular, attention grabbing series of films ran across social platforms and resulted in over 19 million video views, 2.4 million engagements and a sold-out limited edition range.




EA SPORTS x Adidas

Production Company

The Mill


Oliver Davies / Stip / Tom Dibb (Creative Director), The Mill


Ideation / Creative Direction / Direction / Production / Design / VFX / Editorial / Colour

“Creatively, we had a well-defined starting point. Each of the four shirts has a distinctive pattern and the client wanted to bring these to life through video content. The rest was up to us. We went to work, building a detailed response that incorporated both creative concepts and social strategy. We delivered this in under a week. A week later we were in production. In the two months that followed we worked closely with EA in Vancouver to bring the project to life, delivering an arsenal of boundary-pushing visuals optimised for social. Every element of this project — from initial creative thoughts to complex post-production was built at The Mill in London. The foundation of this spot was 4 shoots which took place in 4 different countries. We took the footage and used the whole arsenal of The Mill Design Studio to make it as attention-grabbing as possible. Pretty much the whole design studio was working on this at some point, as we used a mixture of 3D assets, motion graphics, live action and some 2D artwork.”
Tom Dibb, Creative Director, The Mill


Agency EA
Producer Anthony Doyle, Thomas Gent
Editors Matthew Newman, Theo Gibara
Colour The Mill
Colourist Thomas Mangham
Production Company (Design) The Mill
Directors Oliver Davies, Stip
Service Provider Luttrell Productions
VFX Creative The Mill
Creative Director Tom Dibb
Directors Oliver Davies, Stip
Online Artist David Wishart, James Pratt
Design Paul Bloomfield, Sam Singleton, Henry Foreman, Kenny Addeh, Matthew Campbell, Oliver Johnson, Enric Rodriguez, Roly Edwards, Florian Thamer, Katie McQuillan, Anthony Fieldsend, Rajinder Davsi, Kwok Fung Lam
Storyboard Artist Sav Akyuz
VFX Production The Mill
Producer Nicole Duncan
Assistant Producer James Yeo