Develop a Virtual Reality game for Gatorade that is fun, active and demonstrates the damaging effects dehydration can have on athletic performance.


We developed Gatorade’s Beat the Blitz, a free-to-play VR game designed to put your hydration to the test. Guided by a true-to-life sized hologram of former All-Pro quarterback Peyton Manning, the players battle against the effects of dehydration as they dodge blitzers in our high energy throwing skills competition. Together with Peyton, the journey continues inside the human body where we visualize the effects of dehydration on performance on the heart and brain. The game then returns to the field where new high scores are set in a challenge designed to make you sweat. Developed in Unity game engine, Beat the Blitz is one of the first football sims to use a realistic 1:1 arm to ball movement and features a volumetric capture of Peyton, shot at Microsoft’s Holostage.


Beat the Blitz traveled to football camps around the US with Gatorade, educating young players on the importance of hydration and its impact on athletic performance. The experience was awarded several accolades, including an AICP Next Award and Clio Sports Award for Virtual Reality. Beat the Blitz is available on Steam and Oculus Rift stores




VML, OMD New York

Production Company

The Mill


Virtual Reality / Direction / Visual Effects


Agency VML, OMD New York
Director, OMD Zero Code Matthew Olmon
Group Creative Directors, VML Glen Scott, Scott Lichtenauer
Associate Creative Director, VML Kyle Gracey
Senior Project Manager, OMD Zero Code Florence Vaillant
VML, Senior Account Manager Maggie Glenski
US Director, OMD Zero Code Dario Raciti
Production The Mill
Director Will Adams
Executive Producer Ian Bearce
Producer Tia Perkins
Shoot Supervisor Wyatt Savarese
Editorial The Mill
Editor Jessica LeDoux
Experience The Mill
Creative Director Will Adams
Developers Brian Muller, Fabio Piparo, Yask Kapani
Designers Alec Burns, Steve Kutny, Tetsuro Mise, Rajinder Davsi, Chet Hirsch, Syd Fini, Griffen Frazen, Vivian Kim, Nick Woythaler, Laura Nash, Bobby Ushiro
Technical Artist Jimmy Gass, Henning Koczy, Ren Hsien-Hsu, Craig Kohlmeyer, Wyatt Savarese, Michael Dunkley
Realtime Supervisor Joji Tsuruga
CG Ivan Joy, Paul Liaw, Billy Dangyoon Jang, Jonathan McCoy, Elise Hannon, Laura Sayan
QA Development Gokul Sridharan
Audio SFX
Audio SFX Technicolor Sound Lab
Project Manager / Sound Designer Jesse Garcia
Audio Creative Director Scott Gershin
Audio Integration Simon Pressey
Sound Designers Michael Schapiro, Nick Interlandi, Johannes Hammers
Assets Manager Anthony Alfaro
Assistant Assets Manager Dylan Levitt
VFX Production
VFX Production The Mill
Executive Producer Boo Wong
Senior Producer Katie Kolombatovich
Production Coordinator Victor Bekker, Min-Wei Lee
Shoot Supervisor Wyatt Savarese
Music Agency
Music Agency SixtyFour Music
Music Producers Rebecca Grierson, Nick Payne
Composers Grieghwolfe, Pete Davis