HONOR enlisted The Mill Design Studio to visualise the transition from their previous position as an electronics company targeting the youth market, into an all new more sophisticated offering that needed to artistically communicate their new brand positioning.


We developed our concept around the key brand pillars. Constructing the logo piece by piece, layer by layer, building the logo letterforms, before transitioning through metaphorical elements which represent the HONOR of today.


A looping attractor film unveiling HONOR’s new brand DNA - Innovation, Premium, Trust and Freedom - allowing for consistent brand recognition across large format screens in store and display devices.





Production Company

The Mill


The Mill Design Studio

Creative Director

Tom Crate

“Creating a palette of refined metaphors for the key brand pillars relied on a thorough R&D phase. We spent time developing and integrating materials and behaviours that captured the essence of each brand pillar as part of the new global positioning. Each chapter needed unique qualities that clearly communicated the DNA of the brand whilst complimenting one another. Through this rigorous R&D, the team really captured the core of the brand vision and brought each moment to life.”
Henry Foreman, Head of Design

Full Credits

Creative Production
Creative Production: The Mill
Director: The Mill Design Studio
Executive Producer: Ian Walker
Producer: Larisa Covaciu
Creative Director: Tom Crate
Head of Design: Henry Foreman
Art Director: Gonzalo Miranda
Motion Designers: Jayden Kimpton Sifagul Keser, Alex Petrovsky, Nemanja Ivanovic, Raquel Fernandes, Paul Bloomfield
Music & Sound Design
Music & Sound Design: Echoic Audio