To create 5 themed keynote intro animations for IBM’s ‘Think 2022’ conference. An event where they explore how advanced tools, technologies, and digital methods, allow leaders to become the new creators of the ideas that will enable them to thrive and lead in an accelerated digital world.


We utilised IBM’s brand toolkit as a basis to craft a set of expressive animated typographic stories that served to introduce the keynote presentations at the conference and online. We familiarised ourselves with all aspects of the brand toolkit and embarked on an intense phase of exploration to challenge how far we could push things creatively whilst being considerate to the localisation needs of IBM’s global teams.


From the outset, IBM tasked us with pushing the boundaries on how we used their type and grid system. This series of type driven animations were an evolution of how the toolkit has been used whilst retaining a strong brand identity throughout.




The Mill Design Studio


Creative Production / Design / Animation / VFX

“Boundaries really do foster creativity. IBM has an iconic identity and a legacy of refined design systems. Working to, and building upon their guidelines is a real pleasure for any designer. We were able dive into their design language and develop lots of metaphors and visualisations of the core topics for the conference, that all fit neatly within IBM’s guidelines and approach.”
Henry Foreman, Head of Design

Full Credits

Global Executive Producer, Design: Ian Walker
Producer: Kate Ryan
Business Development Manager: Elise Ford
Head of Design: Henry Foreman
Motion Designer: Paul Bloomfield
Motion Designer: Jeroen Krielaars
Motion Designer: Alex Belenkiy
Sound Design
Sound Design: Echoic Audio