Develop an interactive experience to demonstrate what it would feel like to ride on Lexus’ hoverboard.


We teamed up with Spinifex Group to create ‘Ride The Slide’, an immersive real-time ride that brought the rare experience of riding the Lexus Slide around its custom skatepark to life.


Thousands of users experienced the ride at the Los Angeles Auto Show, each taking away a custom social film that they could share online.






Concept / Direction / Creative Coding / Software Development / Visual Design / Hardware Design / Spatial Design / UI & UX

“It’s more than a game. More than a film. More than a ride. We’ve blended them together to create an experience that induces wonder and play, transporting people to an enormously rare and playful experience.”
Boo Wong - Group Head of Emerging Technology at The Mill

Building on the Lexus’ groundbreaking innovation in creating the world’s first fully functioning hoverboard, we were challenged to craft a real-time immersive ride that brought the rare experience of riding the Lexus Slide around its custom skatepark to life.

We answered with a room you can ride, powered by a real-time game engine experience and a hacked pressure-sensitive controller.

We worked closely in collaboration with Spinifex to craft a beachfront skate park simulation in a custom-built surround video cave. The real-time experience puts users in a visually & aurally dynamic environment as they drop into a quarter pipe and carve in bowls of the Lexus Slide Park.

Users start the experience by standing on a pressure-sensitive controller that monitors the user’s weight distribution. Speed and orientation of the Hoverboard ride through the virtual skate park are affected as the user leans forward, back, or side-to-side on a hardware-hacked physical board.

The hyper-real skate park and surrounds were crafted in Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, and custom software was written by our tech team to distribute synchronized content across all 18 HD screens in the video cave at 60 frames per second.  Event-based spatial audio was created and integrated into Unreal by Apollo Studios.

A multiple camera system set up within the experience captures each user’s unique ride, allowing them to save and socially share a 15-second movie of their personal Lexus Hoverboard experience.