Create a comprehensive brand campaign and identity for the release of the first fully engineered lacrosse cleat named the ‘Nike Alpha Huarache 6’.


We partnered with Chicago-based boutique agency Highdive and selected a brand strategist who lived and breathed lacrosse. Thanks to this knowledge as well as thorough consumer testing, we were able to gain a unique perspective into the key demographic targeted by Nike, allowing us to articulate a new brand identity through in-store signage, online assets and a full anthem film.


A fully integrated brand campaign from the ground up. From strategy and creative development, to design, production and post-production, resulting in a high-impact launch across multiple platforms.





Production Company

The Mill


Nic Yiallouris, The Mill


Ideation / Direction / Design / VFX / Colour

With a legion of fans and an already dedicated consumer base in athletic apparel, Nike approached The Mill to design social media assets to celebrate the victories of NCAA lacrosse teams. However, we saw this as an opportunity to create a fully-fledged brand campaign.

Our design team explored dozens of creative concepts and presented a select few to focus groups. This is what lead us to concentrate on the campaign manifesto ‘Unleash Your Sixth Sense’. This was based around the notion of athletes developing other-worldly and quasi-animalistic abilities as a result of the rigorous training they undergo. By training assiduously, they cultivate their potential to develop that ‘x-factor’, or ‘sixth sense’, all with the help of Nike’s new line of apparel.

The intention with the ‘Sixth Sense’ web spot, directed by Nic Yiallouris was to place the viewer in the heart of a lacrosse game, fully living the excitement and impact of the sport. This approach allowed The Mill to take the exploration to a pseudo-macro level, diving into the pulse, mind and emotion of a player. It was essential to prominently feature the minute and virtually inexplicable qualities that separate good players from elite players as well as the innate ‘sixth sense’ these athletes develop.  The combination of The Mills robust teams of designers, 2D and  3D artists, Director and DP made all possible under one roof.

You can check out more of Nic’s work via his Creator Profile and get in touch with our Direction team here.


Agency Highdive
Creative Director Mark Gross
Creative Chad Broude
Producer Matt Gallo
Production Company
Production The Mill
Director Nic Yiallouris
Executive Producer Brian Smego
Producer Erica Hilbert
Production Coordinator Kate Ryan
Director of Photography Dan Frantz
VFX Production
VFX The Mill
Executive Producer Brian Smego
Producer Erica Hilbert
Production Coordinator Kate Ryan
Shoot Supervisors Matthew Dougan & James Mulholland
VFX Creative
2D Lead Artists Jamin Clutcher & Dan Frantz
VFX Supervisor Matthew Dougan
3D Lead Artist James Mulholland
2D Artists Andy Chang, Jonny Freeman & Andrew Pellicer
3D Artists Andrez Aguayo, Kathryn Dougan, Riyad Hasan, Naotaka Minami, Ross Scroble, Dustin Tarr & Richard Tepavchevich
Design Anzie Yoon Ji Lee
Colour The Mill
Colourist Mikey Pehanich
Executive Producer, Colour Laurie Adrianopoli
Colour Assist Lindsey Mazur
Editorial The Mill
Editor Charlotte Carr