The Mill worked in close collaboration with renowned Director Craig Gillespie (I,Tonya, Cruella) on a star-studded spot for the All-New 2023 Nissan Z Coupe Sports Car — The Mill's team of first class VFX artists built CG helicopters, explosions and crowd duplications for a number of shots in the main action sequence in addition to colour, cleanup and beauty work. Other key VFX work for the high profile campaign included environment augmentation and a fully CG Nissan Z, with fan favorite Eugene Levy at the wheel.


The spot opens with Levy walking across a studio lot on what seems to be a regular day until he happens upon Brie Larson and the Z. Intrigued by the car, Levy takes it for a spin — driving modestly at first until he embraces the full “Thrill Driver” persona. The scenario is a fun pastiche on a classic Hollywood action movie. The Mill spent many hours studying explosions and helicopter physics, all in effort to honor those "big action" scenes that have traditionally been portrayed in Hollywood.


Director Craig Gillespie and the entire production team worked tirelessly to capture as much as possible in camera, but inevitably there are limits to how big a practical gas explosion you can have right next to the stunt performers — The Mill Team's solve for this was simulating much larger explosions in Houdini, which were then carefully matched to the practical explosions on set. Currently, the spot sits at 34.9 million views, making it one of the most viewed commercials on YouTube for the 2022 Super Bowl.

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TBWA / Chiat Day / NY

Production Company



Craig Gillespie


Phillipe Le Sourd

Creative Director

Morten Vinther


Animation / CG / Colour Grading / Compositing / Matte Painting / Previs / VFX

“Collaborating with an extraordinary film maker like Craig Gillespie was a dream come true and we are grateful to have been trusted with such a special project. This film has it all: an adrenaline fueled action sequence with A-list talent & performances, flying cars, motorcycles, huge explosions and predatory helicopters. All of this, packed into an exciting film aired during the biggest sporting event in the US. As a VFX artist, you really couldn’t ask for a more challenging and badass project. We’re very proud of the work that we have crafted together in a very short space of time.”
Morten Vinther, Creative Director

Full Credits

Agency: TBWA / Chiat Day / NY
Producer: Sumer Friedrichs & Jonny Weiss
Executive Creative Director: Dave Banta, John Parker
Associate Creative Director: Alyssa Fishman, Phil Fattore
Account Director: Barney Baxter
Chief Creative Officer: Amy Ferguson
Executive Creative Director: Dave Banta
Executive Creative Director: John Parker
Group Creative Director: Mike Blanch 
Associate Creative Director:   Alyssa Fishman
Associate Creative Director: Phil Fattore
Head of Integrated Production: John Doris
Group Executive Producer: Sumer Friedrichs
Sr. Integrated Producer: Jonny Weiss
Associate Director, Business Affairs: Felicia Simmons
Business Affairs Manager: Rachel O’Malley 
Director, Product Integration: Andy Galvin
Business Team:
Managing Director: Scott Kavanagh
Brand Business Lead: Val Tyll
Business Director: Barney Baxter
Business Manager: Sarah Hoffmann
Managing Director: Scott Kavanagh
Brand Business Lead: Val Tyll
Business Director: Barney Baxter
Business Manager: Sarah Hoffmann
Production Company
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Craig Gillespie
Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson
Producer: Suza Horvat
Director of Photography: Phillipe Le Sourd
Editorial: Exile Edit
Editor: Ed Line
Creative Director: Morten Vinther
Senior Executive Producer: Karen Anderson
Colour: The Mill
Co-Head of Nuke / VFX Supervisor: Toya Drechsler
3D Supervisor: Miguel de los Rios Vila
Head of Gaming Content / EP: Mark Driscoll
Previs Animator: Alex Moon
Animator: Bijay Chudal
Animator: Peter Karnik
Co-Head of Nuke / VFX Supervisor: Gustavo Bellon
Compositor Daryl Bruinsma:
Compositor Hector Cabrera:
Compositor Lily Cunningham:
Compositor Kyle Belko:
Compositor Navid Sanati:
Compositor Pedro Acosta:
Compositor Peter Ulukpo:
Compositor Piotr Bednarczyk:
Compositor Sandra Ross:
Compositing Luke Yalva:
DMP Artist Nathan Aardvark:
Finishing / Beauty: Claus Hansen
Flame Assist: Kathleen Kirkman
Flame Assist: Mandy Sorenson
FX Artist: Josh Harrison
FX Artist: Yang Gao
3D Lighter: Megan White
3D Lighter: Brendon Echsner
3D Lighter: Tanguy Bodivit
BGLR Mid Producer: Chitra Vinod
Production Coordinator Ankita Tare:
Production Coordinator Aditi Tiwari:
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Rigger Garlapati Yeswanth:
Colour: The Mill