Our friends at Samsung tasked us with building a film to launch of their Notebook Plus2. This new laptop was targeted at a young, super-busy audience that spent a lot of time in noisy online spaces. We needed to make a spot that could communicate instantly on social, was not language specific, introduced the ‘Plus’ model of Notebook, evoked simplicity and that by owning this new machine you were ‘getting more’.


Taking inspiration from the logic of Dieter Rams; we stripped things back, losing anything that could be lost in favour of what worked. We realised that we could answer all of the criteria by using the Plus symbol itself. It is minimal, immediate and understood in any language. It underscores the product name at every turn while evoking notions of simplicity and ‘getting more’.


The end result is a project that delivers on two fronts. It’s an eye-catching and memorable film that draws you in with its playfulness. But it’s also informative and meaningful, leveraging that playfulness in a way that gives the audience a better understanding of the product.




The Mill Design Studio

Creative Director

Tom Dibb


Creative Production / Design / Animation / VFX



Full Credits

Client: Samsung
Director: The Mill Design Studio
Executive Producer: Nicole Duncan
Producers: Janet Smith, Nicola Simmons, Teddie Hanifan
Creative Director: Tom Dibb
Head of Design: Henry Foreman
Direction: Philip Lück
Art Direction: Philip Lück
Motion Designers: Philip Lück, Rolando Barry, Mariusz Becker, Nemanja Ivanovic
CG Modeling: Sergio Xisto
Online Lead: Richard Payne
Online Artist: Rich Watson
Music & Sound Design
Music & Sound Design: Echoic