Samsung wanted to change the way users experience mobile gaming with their next-generation Exynos 2200 mobile processor with a film that could harness the graphic codes of the gaming world. With a history in creating next level advertising for some of the biggest names in gaming, The Mill created a world that blends the traditional market of games and the underground market, illustrating Samsung's promise to deliver the same quality of gameplay on it's mobile console.


A film set inside a retro-futuristic market, a woman makes her way through the dusty stalls and sellers offer her antique and pixelated products before a strange rabbit draws her towards the black market, where a whole underground economy is hidden. Aliens, humanoids, and robots entertain themselves and take part in illegal sales where tensions can quickly rise. The Mill/Mikros MPC created a gallery of characters (Robot, Rabbit, Alien…) that immerses us in the electrifying world of video games. The Rabbit is inspired by the character of Alice in Wonderland and links two distinct worlds, that of the old video games represented in the traditional market and that of the more recent games, illustrated by the underground market.


Within launch week, the film was widely shared on social media and featured in various internationals publications. It has been picked up as "Work of the week" by LBB and "Best ad of the Week" on AdForum. It featured in and and featured in The Drum, Campaign, and Shots.




BBH London

Production Company



Matthijs Van Heijningen

Full Credits

Matthijs Van Heijningen :
MJZ London:
Film Producer: ME 
DOP: Joost Van Gelder
BBH London:
Editor: Rich Orrich
Creative Directors: Phil Holbrook & Stu Royall
Creatives: Wil Maxey & Elliott White
Senior Account Director: Sam Hardy
The Mill/Mikros MPC
VFX sup:  Laurent Creusot   
VFX Prod: Nicolas Huguet  
CG lead: Guillaume Dadaglio  
Flame artist: Damien Canameras 
Concept artist: Nathan Lucas 
Executive Producer: Fabrice Damolini 
Colourist: Philip Hambi
Colour Producer: Edwin Elkington
Sam Ashwell (750_mph) :