For their 2019 fashion show, premiering on Amazon Prime Video, Savage x Fenty wanted to create a one-of-a-kind red carpet experience for their VIP celebrity guests.


We created a system that allowed our artists to generate customised moving visuals live in real-time, tailoring each visual experience to the larger-than-life personalities as they made their grand entrances to the fashion show. Projected live onto multiple planes of a tunneled red carpet, the system allowed us to transform the brand’s patterns and color palettes into a shimmering wormhole of textures and supernovas.


The footage was immediately available for social sharing. The flurry of posts from celebrities like Halsey, Migos, Gigi Hadid and Diane Von Fürstenberg created an Instagram storm that reached an organic audience of over 150 million people in the first 24 hours, making the Savage x Fenty show the fashion event of the season.


Savage x Fenty


Savage x Fenty

Production Company

The Mill


Concept / Design / Creative Coding / Editorial

Savage x Fenty’s brand uniquely encompasses a fearless, bold, and unmistakably feminine point of view. Our challenge was to find a visual representation of that balance and craft a system that could dynamically adapt those visual themes to match the energies of different celebrities on the red carpet.

Our real-time system gave our artists the ability to control colors, patterns and the speed of animation through a midi-controller while they watched celebrities make their moves down a light-controlled tunnel that was DMX controlled to match our visuals and enhance the overall experience. The social media posts from celebrities after the red carpet generated an organic audience larger than the Nielson rating of 98.2 million who watched the 2018 Super Bowl.