Supercharge brand engagement via Social AR.


Induce wonder and push the boundaries of the technology, culture, and platform.


The Mill has created more branded social AR experiences for Facebook than any other studio in the world.

250+ Social AR Experiences & Counting

We believe in the hallucinatory future of augmented reality.

AR will revolutionize the way we interact with each other and translate the world around us. Mobile AR is the first step towards democratizing this future, opening up windows to augmented worlds from right inside the pockets of 1.8 billion users.

Since the launch of the Spark AR platform, we’ve been preferred partners with Facebook and Instagram, prototyping and authoring every new substantive feature launch to create the north star of AR experiences for our brand clients:

Amplifying identity, emotions, expression.

Inducing wonder through play.

Connecting audiences and brands through fun & sharing.

Creating new methods of interaction.

Investigating the invisible.

Translating ourselves, and the world.

The Self

We’ve transformed Game of Thrones fans into the dreaded Night King, collaborated with Ariana Grande to transport her fans into her latest music video, partnered with Adidas, Gucci and Dior to bring their fashion campaigns to life, and rallied impassioned shouts of “GOAL!” from football fans across the world during the Fifa World Cup.

The World

Our social AR team is built upon The Mill’s cinematic legacy and VFX expertise. From creating portals into the OASIS of Ready Player One via 3 different print posters, to launching Facebook’s first World-Tracking effect with Jurassic World’s favourite Velociraptor, Blue, we are trusted to create experiences that invite fans to engage with beloved characters and worlds in exciting new ways.

The Future

As a partner working closely with technology companies to push the boundaries of their platforms, we are at home in uncharted territory and thrive on the challenge of pioneering for the future of AR engagement. Through our relationships with Facebook and Instagram, we’ve been invited to imagine the future of the museum-going experience through image-tracking for the latest Spark Spots, transformed ubiquitous Starbucks coffee cups into wintry holiday snowglobes, and created the first shoppable makeup effects on Instagram for NARS and MAC cosmetics.

The Mill is excited to be at the forefront of this work. We are passionate about innovations in social AR and how these will change the way audiences shop, play, interact and share; for the now and into the next.