Craft an elevated presentation using virtual production techniques in combination with interactive AR and illustrative animated content for Verizon’s keynote presentation at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show on the future of 5G connectivity.


There were two tracks that needed to flow seamlessly together: the design aspect and logistical task of filming a presentation for broadcast. Inspired by the hope of 5G and uninhibited connection, we made the visualization of data organic and harmonious through the core concept and design, depicting a fluid relationship of how we interact with data. The presentation was filmed on a Fuse LED stage and brought together by a global collaboration of artists, producers, and technologists. There was an immense journey of our involvement from concept to completion. Overall, the finished product needed to be futuristic and artful.


An hour-long mixed reality address, delivered by Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg, showcasing how 5G is supercharging innovations across various industries such as theater, sports and more. The event was simultaneously broadcast on CES digital venue, CES 2021 Twitter Live Event hub, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube, totaling over 265k views.

Broadcast On
Online Views


Production Company

The Mill

Creative Director

Carl Addy


Real-time / Experiential / Virtual Events / AR / Design


Mill Direction
Creative Director Carl Addy
Executive Producer Georgina Castle, Zu Al-Kadiri
Head of Content Ian Bearce
Senior Producer Jack Williams
Producer Ed Smith
Associate Producer Chanelle Larios
Mill Experience
Lead Technical Artist Martin Thelwell
Technical Creative Director Bradon Webb
AR/CG Artist Philipp Pavlov, Gatis Kurzemnieks
Unreal Artist Russell Tickner, Matteo Zamagni, Hannah Schilsky, Damian Kwiatkowski, Arsen Arzumanyan, Mat Hill, Seph Li
Art Director Douglas Bowden
2D Lead Artist Navid Bagherzadeh
2D Artist Marcelo Pasqualino, Celeste Leizer
Finish Artist Kevan Lee
Design Leads Fionna Lanning, Thomas Heckel, Tetsuro Mise
Designers Philipp Pavlov, David Rowley, Brian Drucker, Austin Marola, Justin Weiss, John Magbanua, James van den Elshout, Laura Nash
Colourist Fergus McCall, Nick Metcalf
Colour Assist David Franzo