Take the ‘Post’ out of Post-Production

Virtual Production is the future of film-making. We use the power of game engines for previz, virtual location scouts, AR on shoots, virtual sets, virtual characters and real-time animation. We open up new workflows for you that speed up production and focus on creativity through real-time VFX.

Virtual Characters & Performance Capture

Revolutionize animation and compress timelines through the combination of live human performance and game engine technologies. Direct your talent live and see their animated forms rendered directly into final picture.

Performance capture with full-body mocap:

Below: Cashmere Cat ‘Emotions’, Lady Gaga ‘Enigma Interludes

Gesture and facial controls with Mill Mascot, The Mill’s proprietary platform:

Below: Mill Mascot, Lego ‘The Hidden Side’ & Sesame Studios ‘Seanna’s Ocean Buddies’

Virtual Characters are extensible to other platforms and can engage live with audiences on social media and at events:

Below: Apex Legends at The Game Awards, Monster.com & Tony The Tiger on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Real-time animation

From rendering 190,000 personalized fan trailers in 3 weeks for a high profile game launch, to cars, celebrities and epic battle scenes, we’re creating cinematic content with our real-time workflow.

Below: Sky F1, Childish Gambino Playmoji, EA Games Anthem Trailer

Pre-production & shoot

Supercharge pre-production through virtual location scouts, faster previz and shot blocking. Augmented reality on set visualizes your CG assets on the day of shoot.

For example, check out our Mill Scout Case Study below. Mill Scout is an Augmented Reality (AR) application for smartphones and tablets that can help Directors, Creatives and Visual Effects Supervisors visualize CGI characters and objects live on-set, in-situ through the Director’s lens.

Virtual sets & real-time compositing

Get the blinders off during your VFX shoot and see what was previously invisible before post-production. With live LED walls, it’s time to say goodbye to green screens.

Transport your cast to any location, render CG environments on the fly, and let your editors and VFX supervisors know they have their shots before leaving set.

Real-time collaboration

Game engine-driven workflows bring directors, animators, performers and clients into the same virtual space to collaborate and iterate in real time. Camera, scene layouts, animation and lighting changes can be made in real time by remote and local teams, without waiting for renders.

You can speak to our team about Virtual Production by contacting us here.