Create a dynamic and visually stimulating piece for Vue Cinemas to showcase the vast range of entertainment available to their customers.


The spot contains a collage of footage from clips of films and live experiences to elements of live action and more abstract design work, all of which travels in a fluid-like motion from one image to the next, set to the ethereal and emotionally provoking soundtrack by Solomon Grey. The linea design work of the spot links each piece of footage together and culminates to produce a bold eye visual on which the spot closes. The concept of the piece was devised by Mill Director Rama Allen and is based around a wonder making, ‘magical machine’ - an abstract representation of the diverse content on offer. The challenge for the Mill team was not only to design this ‘machine’, but to also find ways to animate it, reflecting the energy and movement of the live scenes.


Working closely with sound, cymatics and delicate fluid movements, we created something that feels very physical and mechanical, but is fluid and emotive too. The result is a blend of assets that have been combined to create a ‘magical machine’ which transports viewers into a world of possibilities.



Production Company

The Mill


Rama Allen


VFX / Design / Matte Painting / Editorial / Creative / Colour


Agency Joint
Joint Claudio Gorini, Damon Collins, Darren Simpson, Enrique Reija, Alicia Iveson, Tom Arnold, Harry Warburton
Colour The Mill
Colourist Mick Vincent
Production Company The Mill
Head Of Content/Producer Josh Davies
Director Rama Allen
Creative Director Adam Parry
Production Assistant Lucy Hawes
Editing House The Mill
Editor Hugo Vaughan Hughes
VFX & Design The Mill
Creative Director Rama Allen
Executive Producer Colin Oaten
Producer Sean Francis
2D Lead Artist Andre Bittencourt
3D Lead/VFX Supervisor Will MacNeil
Art Director Adam Parry
2D Artists Gianluca Di Marco, Olivia O’Neill, George Cressey, Leandro Vazquez, Dave Wishart
3D Artists Rajinder Davsi, James Lee, Will Denning
AFX Henry Foreman, Diogo Pinero
Matte Painting Ji-Young Lee, German Casado