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Walk the surface of the moon, play games with Peyton Manning, or collect dinosaurs and become a super hero.


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The Mill


Digital Twins / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Virtual Events

The New York Times ‘Moon Landing VR Experience’

The New York Times commissioned us to recreate the Apollo 11 lunar site for an AR and VR experience to commemorate the 50th year anniversary of the moon landing and the public release of the astronauts’ photography. We were tasked with creating accurate models of the landing site to be viewed inside the New York Times digital issue as well as on Oculus Quests at a 50th celebratory event. The reconstruction of the scene was based on large amounts of research provided by NYT, which included maps, stitched panoramas and precise photo locations placed in a physically accurate 3D scene. The content was built and optimized for mobile hardware (phones and Quest) and developed in Epic’s Unreal Engine.

HBO ‘Lovecraft Country: Sanctum’

To celebrate the highly anticipated new series Lovecraft Country HBO teamed up with The Mill to develop Lovecraft Country: Sanctum, a series of exclusive virtual reality events transporting invited guests into a world inspired by the show. In a first-of-its-kind, groundbreaking social VR event series, 100 select influential voices experienced three events consisting of immersive theater, escape rooms, art installations, puzzles and a live concert, via the Oculus Quest headset, all inspired by Lovecraft Country.

Gatorade ‘Beat the Blitz’

As both an interactive and educational experience, Beat the Blitz seeks to teach teen athletes about the damaging effects of dehydration, all the while putting their skills on the field to the test. Athletes meet their new coach, Peyton Manning, for a quick tutorial before traveling inside the human body to see the physiological effects of dehydration first-hand. Then it’s game time on the gridiron, as athletes work to complete various levels of passing challenges whilst avoiding oncoming defensive players.

British Fashion Council ‘Fashion Awards VR Film’

Working closely with Google Arts & Culture, The Mill created a four-minute immersive VR experience for the British Fashion Council, as part of their new digital platform launch, to help inspire the future generation of designers. The Mill was contacted by Google to create a VR piece to feature on the digital educational platform which hosts content and stories from top British designers and fashion insiders, providing a single destination to educate and inspire young fashion creatives, designers and students. The project also supports the BFC’s Education Foundation and aims to attract future talent into the industry.

The Guardian ‘6×9’

Collaborating closely with The Guardian, we worked to produce a nine-minute VR experience titled “6×9: a virtual experience of solitary confinement”. Placing the viewer inside a solitary confinement cell with little more than a bed and toilet, it presents psychological effects including blurred vision, hallucinations and a sense of floating that may occur after long-term sensory deprivation. We also built a Gear VR Physical installation at Tribeca Film Festival and the piece was subsequently showcased at over 50 festivals around the world, gaining huge exposure for the cause.

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