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Mill Experience is our globe-spanning team of forward-thinking technologists and creatives who define the future of experience through XR, immersive spaces and innovative products, using their unique strategic design process. We caught up with Rama Allen, Executive Creative Director, on everything you need to know about the work they do and the future...
Thought June 1, 2020

Tell us more about Mill Experience?

We’re a dedicated strategic design studio at The Mill building experiences and products for brands and agencies. We engage as an innovation consultancy, project manager, design hub and makers to dream and build concepts beamed from the future. One day a commission will be a mobile AR launch for a blockbuster film. The next it is a functional prototype for the future of biometric-enabled exercise. In between all of that are virtual concerts, intelligent museums, games, AI-enabled virtual characters, and even magical record stores.


What areas of creative technology does Mill Experience specialize in?


We are a very technology-forward group. That’s part of our special sauce. Typically we’re engaged to create impactful experiences that do not have a peer, using leading-edge technology to bring a new kind of wonder, interaction, or depth of experience to audiences. There are a lot of “world’s first” in our case studies and we’re proud of that. Our field of view covers Robotics, XR, Internet Of Things, Smart Spaces, 5G, Biometrics, Computer Vision, AI, Digital Twins, Spatial Web, Responsive Architecture, Virtual Production, Data Art… hmmm. This list is gonna get pretty long if I keep going.


What makes Mill Experience unique?

To ideate actionable concepts in this space, you have to possess deep expertise in the technologies to make and experience them, which is a swiftly moving target and a full-time job. In this way, we do not dream up unavailable ‘vaporware’ and simultaneously we push existing assumptions further because it is our job to know what is right around the corner in terms of innovation. The best part is when we create “never before” collisions of technology and impactful user experience, to invent something completely new.


Despite our future-forward technology lean, we never suggest tech first. Technology is not an idea, nor is it a meaningful experience by itself. It’s a tool that can open up the most amazing possibilities. We start by creating an experience strategy; what challenges are we meeting, what story do we want to tell, what human truths are we amplifying, how we want our audience to feel, what we want them to create or play with, and how we can over-deliver for the audience’s needs. Then we look at platforms, interaction methods, spaces, and technologies that suit the strategy best.


In fact, we’ve been known to consult with a client that wanted “something VR” to create a book instead. A plain. Old. Book. Which was the best answer.


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